Meet the leaders of Single Mom Nation

Jessica Ashley, Creator & Editor-In-Chief

Jessica Ashley is her own best audience. At least according to her nine-year-old Rainbow-Looming, Tae Kwon Do-er, voracious reading, benevolent capitalist kid.

A single mom for six years, she is also author of the single-mom-in-the-city blog, Sassafrass, a Top 50 Mom Blog and #3 Relationship Blog, where she chronicles adventures with her boy and her love, known as the Not Boyfriend., divorce court, long-distance love? Jessica has been there. In fact, she's dying to tell you about the guy in full Renaissance Faire-wear who pursued her for months on an online dating site (not the Not Boyfriend, she promises).

Jessica is a is a content strategist who guides brands and bloggers to strategically take over the editor-in-chief seat for their own sites. Her videos offer girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on (co)parenting, dating and relationships. A former founding editor at Yahoo! Shine,  you can find her writing and appearances on Huffington Post, Huffington Post Live, Martha Stewart Radio, WGN-TV, AOL,  Babble,,, BestMomsTV and many other stops on the Internet. 

Jessica wears inappropriately high heels to the playground and always has a snack and a few Lego guy light sabers at the bottom of her purse.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Lori Garcia, Assistant Editor & Producer

Lori is the lady who makes everything happen. The author of Mommyfriend, Lori is also a vlogger and prolific content creator for Babble and, is a Yahoo! Shine Parenting Guru, an Readers' Choice award-winner, and is a former beauty editor-you-don't-hate-for-being-unrelateable at GalTime. Lori is the mom of two boys with delightful, mischievous smiles and great hair. 


Single Mom Nation Mission

Single Mom Nation is where single mothers of all experiences, women seeking divorce, ending a relationship, deploying with the military or supporting a deployed parent, who feel alone in a marriage or partnership, who are considering parenting and relationship options or some other circumstance that lifts them up as the primary person raising a child - it is where we can all meet to get girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice, generously support each other, where we can laugh, sob, be sassy, feel safe and get real. 

You will find posts, interviews, videos, products, advice, comments and insights here that are intended to ignite conversation, shine a light on our diverse parenting experiences and help you an even more amazing single mother. We also like to go on and on about how whip-smart, stunning, clever and creative we all are. 

Single Mom Nation and all associated products, videos, podcasts and affiliated entities are owned by Jessica Ashley under Sassafrass Media LLC. 

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