Do you need a divorce coach?

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You have a list of tasks and to-dos that could take a lifetime to complete. You've hired an attorney, scheduled time with a therapist, spoken with your financial planner and made a coffee date with a realtor friend. So why in the world would you need a divorce coach?

Pegotty Cooper of CDC Divorce Coach Training and "the coaches' coach" joins us to talk about why you might consider hiring a divorce coach, when divorce coaching works and when it doesn't and the surprising process that could serve you whether you're considering a change in status or you're well on your way.


Show notes:

Find a divorce coach here

Free webinars by divorce coaches

Divorce: Taking the High Road: Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce, by Pegotty Cooper and certified divorce coach co-authors



Disclosure: This podcast episode is produced in partnership with CDC Divorce Coach Training. All opinions are my own.