Week Endings: Is the Duggar divorce dramz real?


Could it really be true? Are the Duggars divorcing? InTouch claims Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are ending their 31-year marriage. We're not giving much credence to the tabloid supposition but, dammit, imagine that custody agreement. 

Jennifer Lopez told People mag that navigating raising eight-year old twins Max and Emme (how are they EIGHT?) with ex-husband Marc Anthony and beau Beau "Caspar" Smart (beau Beau Smart...beau Beau Smart...say it once more...beau Beau Smart) is "a full-time job." Preach, Jenny. Her relationships with both men, she says, is about what's best for the kids. 

Frances Bean Cobain, who has never publicly acknowledged her marriage to The Eeries frontman Isaiah Silva, has filed papers after 21 months of marriage. The twentysomething daughter of single widowed mama Courtney Love is appealing to the court to protect funds from her father's estate, estimated at $450 million. FBC is reportedly paying Silva spousal support. She may be a tough cookie, but some of us around here just want to give this woman an awkwardly long hug. 

Bethenny Frankel is really familiar with writing those spousal support checks. But no longer. A judge ruled that the reality star single mama no longer has to pay out her ex-husband $12K a month in alimony. Still up for ruling is who will get the $5 million Tribeca apartment. 

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez announced their divorce last October but jetted off to Mexico on a family vacation with their kids this week. Their legal proceedings are ongoing and Berry has been quoted saying she chooses to focus on others during tough transitions. Traveling together for the kids while working out details of spring break visitation and who gets to keep the Vitamix? Much respect.